Classic Vintage Spearpoint Collar Shirt

Classic Spearpoint Collar Vintage Shirt by Luxire

Luxire is the authority for period accurate vintage clothing. We probably make more spearpoint collar shirts than all other makers combined.

Spear Point Collar with 4" points. Unfused, lined with a layer of warzone Oxford. The fabric is the Yellow Oxford

Spearpoint Collar

14" Placket and a pleat below. 

Spearpoint Collar

Shirred shoulder and yoke

Shirred, rounded French Cuff. Amazing pattern match

Hand shanked buttons and beautifully made button-holes

11" long side-slit, with gussets

Shirred sleeve with small cap. Body and sleeve are at a right angle, thus the shirt remains tucked when arms are raised

2" Longer tails, 3 buttons on the placket


A. Choose the spearpoint collar options on our site

B. Choose your preferred cuff, back, pocket and placket options. If the desired in not available, choose custom.

C. Add the following to the notes window on the Shopping Cart page after you add the fabric to the cart:

Would like to order the Classic Vintage Style shirt, with the following styling options:
1. Collar: Spearpoint collar, with 4" points (You can indicate size here if you would like a 3" or 4.5" or any other size. You can also specify any other collar style like club collar or Harvard Collar or anything else)
2. Cuff: Rounded French Cuffs (You can also specify barrel cuff or cocktail cuff or half sleeve)
3. Placket: Pullover shirt with 14" placket (Reduce size as desired)
4. Side slits: 11" long side slits (Reduce size as desired, depending on your height)
5. Shirring: On back, shoulders and cuffs (Remove any option that is not required)
6. Tails: 2" longer (Change as desired)
7. Pocket: Yes / No



How do i order – there does not seem to be an option…
I wish to purchase a white spear point collar shirt …



I don’t understant how to order such wonderfull pearpoint collar shirt and how much it costs. Thank you


I received my “vintage” shirt in white popelin. The cut is perfect and the spear point collar has the perfect shape, like in the 1930’s !


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