• Sky Blue Twill 100/2 (238261101)
  • Sky Blue Twill 100/2 (238261101)
  • Sky Blue Twill 100/2 (238261101)
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Sky Blue Twill 100/2

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A shirt for all climates! While the heavy twill weave lends the fabric its durability and drapability, the 100% premium cotton yarns make the fabric lightweight enough to be worn during warmer weather. The shirt recovers from wrinkles easily and hides stains due to its close-knit weave, making it a truly practical garment to own. Woven in a vibrant sky blue colour the shirt is ideal for occasions that call for smart casuals. Pair it with a cutaway or soft button-down collar, and you are good to go. 

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Here is quick video on how to order apparels on our website, you can either select/customize our standard designs or create your own style