Quality and Satisfaction


Today, Luxire shirts are probably the best made in the world. Each process followed is the best known, each item and trim are among the best available in the market.

Craftsmanship: Traditional method of shirt making. Each shirt starts with a paper pattern, cut by hand, sewn on single needle machines and hand finished.

Fabric: The very best fabrics, all 100% cotton, primarily from European mills.  

Interlining: Wendler of Germany, the best interlinings in the world. We have also developed some custom interlinings that are used on some of our shirts that require the special look or feel

Threads: Guetermann of Germany, among the best in the world

Buttons: Tall mother-of-pearl made of Australian Shell, among the best in the world

Shrinkage: We prewash the fabric before before making.  All fabrics at Luxire are washed and carefully ironed before carving it into your shirt. Some fabrics, like Oxford,  shrink more than others. These are washed, dried and ironed 2-3 times before stitching. This reduces the probability of shrinkage. Some fabrics may still rarely shrink upto 1%.



We are proud of each shirt we bring you. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If at any point of time you feel unsatisfied about your purchase from Luxire.com, contact us and we will set it right for you.

For Shirts made incorrectly: We take utmost care to make the items to your specifications. In case you are not happy with the shirt, we will alter/remake the shirt for you, free of cost. Just ship the shirt back to us at the factory address below. We will do the alteration/remake and ship it back to you.

For shirts made as per your specifications: In case you are not happy with the shirt even though the style and measurements were as per your specifications, we will remake the shirt for you, you are required to pay the cost of alteration and return shipping cost. You will be required to pay for shipping, which is $20 per shirt. Just ship the shirt back to us at the factory address below:



The address to send is below. We recommend this service as we have subsidized the cost of our Fedex/DHL return shipping, resulting in a faster and reliable service.


Attn: Srinivas Reddy

Avacci Telagio Pvt Ltd

1st Floor, Balu Mansion, No. 408,

3rd Cross, Singayana Palya,

Lane next to Phoenix Mall,

Mahadevpura, Bangalore 560048




 1. Collars and cuffs are lined and fused using a soft, brushed cotton interlining. Unfused collars are made on request.

Button-down shirts are made using a soft unfused interlining. Classic Oxford button-downs are made unlined.

2. Pleats: No pleats at the back are added by default

3. Darts: No darts are added by default

4. Gauntlet buttons: By default, gauntlets are buttoned except on French cuffs where they are unbuttoned.

5. Cuff and pocket are rounded in shape. Mitered, square, notched or any other shape can be requested.

6. Yoke is made using a two-piece fabric, joined at a bias. Also called split-yoke.