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Review of our Shirts by Andy Gilchrist, author of The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes

“Dress shirts that fit”, is a difficult slogan to live up to for a ready-to-wear shirt maker. I would say that Arnaud Rousseau can claim a right to that tagline. The website is taking the right approach - easy to read (no white letters on a big black background - which I personally hate), easy to navigate and order. Shirts start at $30 to 60. (Yes that is not a...

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Why Luxire?

From working with the best dressed business men to dressing the best dressed men, life has come a long way for us. Impressed by the shirt worn by a gentleman at a meeting, I decided to get myself something similar. It turned out to treasure hunt. From discussions with a men's tailor in Manhattan to another on Saville row in London to visiting factories in France and Italy, I moved well beyond...