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Review of our Shirts by Andy Gilchrist, author of The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes

“Dress shirts that fit”, is a difficult slogan to live up to for a ready-to-wear shirt maker. I would say that Arnaud Rousseau can claim a right to that tagline. The website is taking the right approach - easy to read (no white letters on a big black background - which I personally hate), easy to navigate and order. Shirts start at $30 to 60. (Yes that is not a typo)! I ordered these patterns:  1x Blue Checks Stripe - Blue / 16/34-35 for $29.99 http://luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/blue-checks-stripe-dress-shirt 1x Sky Blue Hairline Stripes / 16.5 /35-36 for $29.99 http://luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/sky-blue-hairline-stripe-dress-shirt I like Luxire...

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Split Yoke

Luxire Custom Shirts - The Best Made Shirts in The World! I get asked this question very often, what difference does a split yoke make? Simply put, a shirt with a single yoke can never fit well. A shirt with split yoke can fit badly too but single yoke will always will.  The big question here is whether or not to have a split yoke on a shirt, or to do without. While many generally agree that the split yoke will make the attire fit better, there are some reservations. Before we go any further, for the benefit of those...

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Fabric: 100% Cotton

  Why only 100% Cotton?   Living the 40 hour work week? You probably knows how gruelling it can be to be contained in a shirt while trying your best to move around and get as much done as possible. Work life can lead to unbelievable stress levels, not to mention the punishing commute from home to work in the all-too-familiar traffic jams. Stuffy heat, pouring rain, and air-conditioning set at unreasonably low temperature (or high temperature, depending on the season) do not help, much.   A shirt you love will love you back and make the 40 hour work...

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