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1. What makes a Luxire garment special?
A Luxire clothing are in true sense Signature items. The item is made by a single craftsman from start to finish.
Each and every input in creating your clothing is among the finest in the world. The fabric is chosen from traditional European mills and tested thoroughly.
The interlinings are from Wendler of Germany, the threads are from Gütermann of Germany, buttons are thick mother-of-pearl on shirts and horn on pants, jackets. Copper / brass on jeans.
The shirts are made using the single-needle process for a pucker-free, smooth finish using the best machines from Germany and Japan.
A Luxire item is crafted to maintain its look, fit and age with perfection.

2. Is a Luxire custom garment really custom made?
The Luxire custom garment is made from scratch only for you. After your order is received, the master analyses the size data and cuts out your personal pattern, which is saved with your name on it.  Based on the pattern, the fabric is laid out and cut. It is then handed over to the craftsman, who stitches the garment, applies buttons, makes button holes, does the finishing and hands it over for packing.

3. How long does it take to deliver a custom-garment?
The custom garment is usually shipped in 2-3 weeks by Fedex Priority and is delivered in 2 business days. Some orders may take longer.

4. Where is Luxire.com based?
The parent company of Luxire.com, Oadie LLc is based in Edison, NJ, USA

5. Where are the garments made?
The garments are made in our own state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, India.

6. What is your return policy?
Luxire.com values your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with any aspect of a Luxire shirt, just let us know and we will set it right for you.

In case there is a problem with the fit, please let us know within a month of receiving the item. All alterations / changes can be done if returned within 45 days of delivery. 

7. Will my garment shrink upon washing?
It is natural for all Cotton fabrics to shrink on washing, but that should not worry you. We machine wash and air dry each fabric before making it into your garment. We shrink test our fabrics before stitching them. The percentage of shrinkage is taken into consideration before the pattern is cut for making the garment. Still, there can be minor shrinkage of upto 2% in some fabrics over a few washes.

8. What do you mean by "Accurate Size Guaranteed"?

We strive to make the garment true to the size you have ordered. We follow each measurement instruction completely and make sure that the garment is shipped as ordered. If there is a discrepancy, we will alter / remake as per our satisfaction policy. For the garment to qualify for free alteration, the difference in any aspect should be greater than 0.25 inch. 

For garments that are washed after making for fade or effects or any other reason, the tolerance is upto 0.75". The reason is that some fabrics shrink more upon washing and some do not shrink much. We are unable to predict the shrinkage and make the garment based on our understanding of the shrinkage of the fabric and add margin accordingly. If the fabric shrinks less than expected, your garment may be slightly bigger and if it shrinks more than expected, it may be slightly smaller. 

 Knitted Fabrics:

Knitted fabrics tend to expand on usage. Thus, the international accepted tolerance level for knits is 5%. Pique fabrics can expand even more.

We cut and make the garment exactly as ordered and also try and keep the fabric behavior in mind. Still, a 5-7% difference in size can be expected at different stages of usage during the day.

9. Are the colors / designs shown on your site accurate?

We make every effort to make sure that the fabric images matches the actual fabric closely. Images can be seen to vary in color based on the monitor settings of your computer.

10. What is the “warzone Oxford”?
The “warzone Oxford” is our own type of Oxford fabric that is designed to last for more than 120 washes. The fabric would get softer and comfortable with every wash.

11. Do you entertain special requests for fabric or style types?
Yes, do send us photos of any particular type of shirt you would like to have. Our style experts will work with you to zero down on the fabric, discuss style and deliver the product.

12. How do I order swatches?

We are glad to ship swatches. We charge $1 per swatch. If only swatches are ordered, you are required to pay shipping as well, which comes to $20 as they are shipped from India. The same can be paid here. In the notes on the cart page, you can add the swatches you would like. Swatches for Dugdale and Minnis fabrics are not currently available.

13. Where can I find the details of my order?

The details of your order are emailed to you immediately after the order is placed. You can also email us and we can provide you details of your previous orders.

14. I need to change a part of my order. How do I do that?

We will be glad to accommodate the changes till the product of the item has not started. Once production has started, we will try and accommodate your request but it cannot be guaranteed.

If you would still like the change to be done, we will charge you $30 for the same, per shirt or pant.

You can send your request by email, mentioning your order number in the subject. If you need to send a second change request, it should include details of your first change request too. We will only act on the requests in your last email.

15. Can I choose a particular fabric for inside lining of pants?

We have a separate collection of shirting fabrics that we use for. If you would like us to use a particular shirt fabric, there is an extra charge of $50 for the same.

16. Fading wash on denim?

Many denim fabrics, with their natural indigo dyes, can fade and have color effects that will be unique and sometimes unexpected. As the process is done using chemicals and bleach in a tumbling machine, the process is not entirely controlled. The garment may have a slightly higher or lower fade than ordered. Also the fade is not exactly even all over the garment and may vary slightly over different parts of the garment.



in 3 Days

All our custom garments are shipped in around 3 business days from the confirmation of order/order details. We use Fedex/DHL as our shipping partners and all shipments are fully trackable.


In Stock

As the garments are made exclusively for you, we make to the size you require. Thus you do not come across the issue of searching if your size is available or not.



All garments are cut and tailored exclusively for you in our own facility, thus you can request for any desired detail/measurement.


Fabrics From Italy

We do use natural fibres for most of our garments. We make garments from cotton/linen wool and other natural yarns. We source fabrics from various mills in Europe.



We do ship to most countries across all continents.
  • Made for you

    Every clothing made to fit only you. We make it to your measurements and your style preference.

  • Guaranteed Fit

    If you are unhappy with the fit, we will alter/remake it for you, at no extra cost.

  • Natural Fabrics from Italy

    Wool, cotton, linen, silk - Luxire believes in natural fibers. We source our fabrics from the best mills in Italy.