At Luxire, we make your garment for you and you only. It is made to your measurements, to fit your body and to make you comfortable.

To get started, we need your information. 

Luxire makes it easy to provide the information we need to make your well fitting garment. You can choose what works best for you.

1. START BY BUYING LIKE YOU KNOW BEST: You can start by ordering with your standard size. The size that you use at a store or online to place your order. 

Like, for shirts, in can be the neck size & sleeve length (15/35) or for pants it can be waist and inseam (32/30).


2. You can send us a well fitting garment for us to measure and replicate fit. If you have a fit that you really like, this is your best option.  You just need to send the sample once. We will make a pattern and save with us for your future orders.  Your sample will be only measured and will returned with your ordered garment. 


3. You can measure you well fitting garment. Follow our measurement guide and provide us the measurements  from your garment.


4. Measure your body. If there is no fit that you currently like, or will like to start with something new, send us measurements of your body. Follow this guide.


To add to any of the options chosen above, you can also send us images of yourself, wearing your well fitting garment or shirts and t-shirt. We will use these images to shape the garment to your body.



in 3 Days

All our custom garments are shipped in around 3 business days from the confirmation of order/order details. We use Fedex/DHL as our shipping partners and all shipments are fully trackable.


In Stock

As the garments are made exclusively for you, we make to the size you require. Thus you do not come across the issue of searching if your size is available or not.



All garments are cut and tailored exclusively for you in our own facility, thus you can request for any desired detail/measurement.


Fabrics From Italy

We do use natural fibres for most of our garments. We make garments from cotton/linen wool and other natural yarns. We source fabrics from various mills in Europe.



We do ship to most countries across all continents.
  • Made for you

    Every clothing made to fit only you. We make it to your measurements and your style preference.

  • Guaranteed Fit

    If you are unhappy with the fit, we will alter/remake it for you, at no extra cost.

  • Natural Fabrics from Italy

    Wool, cotton, linen, silk - Luxire believes in natural fibers. We source our fabrics from the best mills in Italy.