A Dress Shirt can have many unique options which are best left uncompressed into radio-buttons and drop-downs. We prefer 'talking' to the customer through chats and emails and if required a phone call to determine what the customer has in mind. We then make the shirt to your requirements,

All customizations come at no additional cost.

TELL US WHAT YOU NEED. Fulfill your Desire @ Luxire

At Luxire, your shirt is made from a pattern, that is cut with your name written it and to your exact specifications. This allows us to make a shirt as unique as you would like.

Simply let us know what you need. After you add an item to the cart, you can tell us what you need through the notes section on the cart page, as in the image below. These can be further discussed through email exchanges.

Be it a request for 4" long collar points, or a contrast collar in burgundy or 2 pockets on the shirt or anything you would like. We will do it for you. All customizations are included in the cost of your shirt and there is no extra charge for it.



You can send us images of a style you have seen somewhere, be it a celebrity, or on some other website. We will be glad to replicate them.


All mails at Luxire are replied to by expert members of our team and usually within minutes of getting your mail.

  • Made for you

    Every clothing made to fit only you. We make it to your measurements and your style preference.

  • Guaranteed Fit

    If you are unhappy with the fit, we will alter/remake it for you, at no extra cost.

  • Natural Fabrics from Italy

    Wool, cotton, linen, silk - Luxire believes in natural fibers. We source our fabrics from the best mills in Italy.