Washable Wool Pants

If you like to dress sharp for work, wool pants must be a staple for you. But yes, they need some extra care and you will probably get to know your dry-cleaner well.

To provide you the style you want with the ease you need, our wool pants are machine washable and are wrinkle resistant, granting a crisp look with sharp creases throughout the day.

Tough-Slip Waist Liners

Is my shirt still tucked? Is my loose waistband making me look like a laggard? Forget such worries with our tough-slip waist liner which prevents the dreaded ‘muffin-top’ look throughout your busy day. The specially designed waistband with curtained detailing provides an extra layer with additional comfort.

Horn Buttons and Split Waistbands

Our pants use horn buttons. Each button is created unique by mother nature and you will be the only person in the world to own that exact texture. The split waistband and daks adjusters allow you to be comfortable both pre and post team lunch. Wear your pants without a belt, the look made popular by James Bond over the decades is now within your reach because of the perfect fit our pants offer you.

Highest Standards

Luxire pants adhere to the best tailoring standards. A quick glance from a discerning eye will be enough to admire your taste for quality. Being hand finished grants special sharpness and elegance to Luxire pants. Our pants have a pocket inside the front pocket for you to keep your phone and save it from scratches.


Our e-spoke service helps you style your clothes to your needs. Make the pants sharp and slim for the modern you, or add accents for that dressy, formal look. Like suspenders? Sure, we’ll add them for you. Want something curated especially for your needs? Just let us know.

Works Everywhere!

Our washable wool-rich pants are ideal for business travel as well as office-wear with their sharp stitching and hand-finishing at the fly, pockets and cuffs. An additional cuff button guarantees a neat look without harming the fabric, making it easy to wash and maintain.