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Good customer service and an excellent resize on the trousers.

Kenneth McCrae
be careful

Luxire's compony is the real deal, their work is expertly tailored to fit. I did not realizes this and placed my first order with the experience of buying off the rack. Please take the time to do the measurements because the item will be made to the letter of those specifications. Once the buyer does their due diligence you will have a product of the highest quality and craftsmanship.


My initial order was not the correct size. The replacement order was made to the right size and fit
Thank you for your help

My pants since ten years.

i bought my first pair of luxire pants ten years ago. Since then I have only worn Luxire trousers. My latest trousers are the first with adjustments on the side. All future trousers will have them.

2023 0805
Not for everyone.

My use case is odd in that I have a particular taste for relaxed Japanese menswear—I ask Luxire to pattern and replicate stuff from JP that are cut as I like, but within Luxire's excellent fabric and mill selection. As a result my fit alteration and psychic tolerance is a hair more lenient than the typical menswear troubleshoot e.g. cuff length, collar gap, so on. However I'm very particular about button and pocket arrangement, lining and structure, weight and fabric composition, and the gristle of other annoying enthusiast business.

If you are patient, and happy to practice your prompt writing—and the sort of person willing to burn time (and money) on a risky test garment here, a potential failure there, all for the promise of an incredible flip on a rare piece—there is literally no competition in this space online. I hope to continue filling out the rest of my wardrobe from Luxire for a long time to come.