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Pantherella LABURNUM Merino Rib

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Pantherella LABURNUM Merino Rib - Black, 5X3 Rib, 70% Merino Wool 30% Nylon

70% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon

Pantherella Fine Gauge Merino Wool Socks

Our Merino Wool is processed in Tasmania and then worsted spun into the highest quality yarn by Tollegno in Italy.

At Pantherella we use a 19.5 micron yarn which is incredibly fine and is exclusively spun for us with 10% nylon which gives it extra durability for everyday wear.

Our Merino Wool socks are incredibly soft with excellent body temperature regulating properties. Merino wool provides warmth, without overheating the wearer and also draws moisture away from the skin.

Pantherella Fine Gauge Merino Wool Socks are knitted on a 200-needle machine.

Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, Pantherella Merino Wool socks are ideal for year round business wear.

How to order

Here is quick video on how to order apparels on our website, you can either select/customize our standard designs or create your own style